Avannis Surveys

Your banking customers offer a wealth of data that can be used to improve loyalty, satisfaction, and retention—but how do you get your hands on it? We’ve got the answer: targeted surveys that provide feedback and generate insightful, actionable next steps.

Avannis surveys are designed to help financial institutions create a differentiated service experience for their customers. Whether you want to get a quick pulse of how your customers are feeling, do a deep dive analysis, or track customer satisfaction from month-to-month, Avannis has the right set of questions and analytics for achieving your goals. Our surveys can be used in their original form, or they can be customized to your specific needs. Take a look at the various sectors that we can help you analyze.

Identify pain points within each retail banking channel, measure share of wallet, understand loyalty levels, and more.

Get inside the minds of your high net-worth clients with the help of skilled interviewers. Understand and respond to customer trends while supporting relationship managers.

Protect one of your biggest drivers of revenue by improving alignment between customer touchpoints, identifying loan servicing pain points, and remedying gaps in employee skill sets. 

Gain an in-depth understanding of customer defection and work to increase retention rates. Identify and respond to competitive threats while strengthening existing relationships.

Analyze the vital relationship between customer-facing staff and the back office. Increase internal engagement and inspire all employees to take ownership of their work.

Understand what drives your business customers, how they perceive their relationship manager, and what you can do to strengthen your operational effectiveness.

Surpass Satisfaction With Customer Surveys

While customer satisfaction is important, it’s not enough to guarantee the continued success of a financial institution. In fact, we’ve seen many a customer leave a banking relationship while still claiming to be content with all services provided. The lesson here is that you’ll need to go deeper than, “Are you satisfied with your level of service?” in order to stand out from the crowd.

Mystery shopping programs offer a seemingly effective way to evaluate the customer experience, but looks can be deceiving. This type of service inspection fails to take into account “soft” metrics like likelihood to recommend and likelihood to repurchase—and those are the things driving customer loyalty and revenue. Customer feedback surveys provide a much more balanced, in-depth look at what your customers are thinking and feeling.

At Avannis, we’ll put our decades of experience to work for you by supplementing our insightful customer surveys with unparalleled expertise and guidance at no additional cost. We’re not here to rope you into a long-term contract; we’re just dedicated to helping your financial institution succeed. Whether you’re interested in a stand-alone, customizable survey or a full program complete with measurement, reporting, analysis, and guidance, we’re ready and willing to deliver. Reach out today to get started.