Our goal here at Avannis has always been to guide financial institutions, both large and small, towards creating better customer experiences. In keeping with that goal, we’re pleased to announce that Avannis has been selected by the Independent Community Bankers of America® (ICBA) to become the group’s newest Preferred Service Provider. This places Avannis squarely on a list of elite solution providers that offer unique growth opportunities to community banks.

About ICBA

Community banks make up 99 percent of all banks in the United States, employ hundreds of thousands of Americans, and hold trillions of dollars in assets, deposits, and loans. It only makes sense that the community banking industry gets the guidance it needs to thrive and continue to grow. That’s where ICBA comes in—the organization has spent decades advocating for and supporting these all-important financial institutions with the help of innovative services.

Now, ICBA has added another powerful tool to its member benefits that can help member banks continue to expand their customer touchpoints while maintaining and building on the superior customer service that customers have come to expect. With the introduction of Avannis’ customizable services and expert counsel, ICBA member banks now have access to valuable data and insights that will allow them to assess ongoing customer satisfaction and work to minimize customer attrition.

ICBA Membership Benefits Boosted by Avannis

Avannis is dedicated to helping community banks of all sizes access the data needed to improve the customer experience and deliver consistent services across all channels. Some financial institutions simply send out an annual customer survey to test the waters, but we’ve found that more proactive outreach—in the form of more frequent customer feedback—provides better overall results.

By gathering feedback using a variety of outreach methods, we help banks put a finger on the pulse of their customers. To ensure that our services are as effective and accessible as possible, we’ve worked to create a scalable program that fits banks with anywhere from two to 200 locations.

As a result of the new partnership between Avannis and ICBA, ICBA members can now enjoy the following benefits:

  • 22 Voice of Customer studies
  • 10 popular methods for data collection
  • Industry benchmarks
  • Setup, design, and programming fees covered by ICBA dues
  • Up to 100 licenses for the Avannis online reporting tool
  • Full-service and self-service options
  • Discount pricing for customized surveys
  • No contract or minimums

Making the Most of Your Survey Management Tools

We look forward to working with the ICBA to continue to drive progress in data collection and customer experience management for financial institutions. Whether you’re interested in overhauling your customer satisfaction outreach or are just beginning to explore new growth strategies, Avannis has the experience management tools and expert guidance to get your bank on the right track. And we won’t just give you numbers—we’ll help you figure out what to do with them in order to retain customers, boost satisfaction, and ultimately increase profit. Reach out today to learn more about our varied program offerings.