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Loan and Mortgage Surveys

July 6th, 2012

Loan Application Satisfaction Survey
Loan Servicing Satisfaction Survey
Loan Cancellation Customer Survey

Loan Application and Fulfillment Survey

The loan application, decision, and fulfillment experience is one of the most complex in retail banking due to the variety of customer touch-points that involve different members of your staff.  This feedback tool carefully guides the customer through their recent loan or mortgage experience identifying how they felt about each stage and each group or individual that helped them along the way.  Results are divided into sections that are relevant and actionable for each responsible party.

  • Unique criteria for Mortgage, Consumer, and Business loan fulfillment processes.
  • Identify gaps in skill sets among your staff that handle loan customers
  • Improve alignment between customer touchpoints for an improved overall customer experience

Loan Servicing Survey

Using either a post-transaction survey or general feedback from your customers, this tool will identify important loan servicing pain points that can make some customers choose someone else for their next loan even if the price point is not as competitive.

  • Identify servicing pain points for customers
  • Generate coaching opportunities for individual staff members
  • Reward top performing staff members
  • Identify and quickly resolve customer issues and concerns
  • Improve customer loyalty

Loan Cancellation Survey

Customers who are approved for a loan and then decline fulfillment can be excellent sources of information about your competitive terrain.  This quick follow-up survey identifies the reason for decline and drills down into the customer’s decision making process, uncovering both emotional and logical aspects along the way.  Results provide insights into what competitors are offering and the characteristics of prospective customers who respond.