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We’ll Help You Level The Playing Field

Avannis provides credit unions with scalable access to all the tools and resources available to larger competitors, including technology, expertise, management, industry data and more.

Why Avannis

CX tools for any size credit union

Avannis will help you design a CX program that competes with the best in the industry.

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Full Range of Methodologies

Most credit unions possess valid emails for around 60-70% of their member base. Avannis offers a broad range of feedback methodologies so you can reach that other 30-40% and get deeper insights as well. Our flexible approach allows your credit union to design a custom mix of methods based on your goals and your data landscape.

Multi-mode data collection:

  • Online surveys with email or text invitations
  • Live telephone interviews
  • Automated IVR surveys
  • Post-call survey transfers
  • Website pop-up feedback invitations
  • Social media monitoring
  • Paper surveys
  • Email footer
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Designed for Your Credit Union

  • Listen to members, employees….or both!
  • Customize any of our 30+ credit union-specific surveys to align with your objectives
  • Only pay for as many responses as you need
  • Compare your scores with other financial institutions your size
  • Reporting breakouts will be programmed to match your organization hierarchy
  • Create custom indexes to track what’s most important to your credit union
  • Choose which methodologies fit your member demographics and data landscape
  • Include custom reports that align with your workflow and expectations
  • Connect with our API to import results into your CRM or unified data centers/dashboards
  • Have ultimate flexibility with no long-term contracts
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Over 20 Years of CX Experience in Financial Services

Collecting feedback is only the first step toward building a differentiated service brand. The Avannis team has decades of experience to draw on and will share our thoughts to ensure your program is 100% successful.

  • Navigating options and avoiding common pitfalls
  • Best practices for building a service culture
  • Building closed-loop and compliance workflows
  • Maximizing ROI with growth and attrition strategies
  • Guidance toward becoming Best-in-class
  • Identifying insights that drive employee engagement
Build Your Own

Avannis vs. Build Your Own

While self-serve software is a great match for some member feedback projects, many users don’t anticipate the cost, complexity and internal resources required for a true member or employee engagement campaign.

Avannis partners with best-in-class survey software providers, leveraging their technology at volume-cost, and adds a host of other critical services for a one-stop, credit union-friendly solution. If your project requires things like reaching members who don’t have email addresses, cross-survey list management, custom data analytics, questionnaire design, benchmarking, or experienced guidance, consider talking with us.