Privacy Policy

Avannis, LLC

Avannis provides research and consulting services to the financial services industry in the area of customer satisfaction, loyalty and customer experience improvement.  Avannis collects responses from client customers regarding their experiences with the bank and provides aggregated data in the form of reports, etc to clients for the purpose of understanding customer opinions and sentiments.  This privacy policy describes how we treat information received from client customers when they respond to our surveys, as well as how we treat customer information provided to us by our clients.  Please read the privacy policy carefully.

Information We Collect
Avannis collects only information about customer opinions and sentiments.  In most cases we do not ask for personal or financial information other than name or phone number to verify we are speaking with the correct person.  In rare instances, at the request of a client, we may ask for some general demographic information such as income level, age or education level.  All respondents have the right to decline answering any survey question.  Personal information such as age, income etc. is used ONLY in aggregate, is never sold to anyone, and is only shared with the financial institution that requested its collection. Avannis clients do not provide Avannis with personal account information.  In most cases, Avannis only receives customer name, phone number and an indication that the customer recently interacted with their financial institution.

Usage Information

Avannis uses the information collected in our surveys for three purposes:  1) To provide aggregated data to our clients for the purpose of understanding customer opinions and sentiments and to be able to improve their services for their customers.  2) In some cases, clients will be provided with individual customer responses if, and only if, the customer indicates a high degree of dissatisfaction and would like someone from their financial institution to contact them to resolve the issue.  3)  Avannis uses aggregated data across all clients to identify industry level metrics and trends.

The information we collect is stored in limited access servers. We maintain appropriate safeguards to protect the security, integrity, and privacy of these servers and of information collected in our surveys. Except as described above, we will not use or intentionally disclose any personally identifiable information about you to any unaffiliated third parties without your consent.

Your Ability to Opt Out
Respondents can notify Avannis that they do not wish to participate in future surveys and any phone number provided will be permanently removed from our lists.  Upon request, we will also forward the opt out request to the financial institution who provided it to us, though we cannot guarantee their actions to remove the respondent from their lists.