Maintaining a Personal Touch While Harnessing the Power of AI

For years, industry experts have been forecasting the massive impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on the financial service sector and, with a surge in technological advances seemingly overnight, that prediction is coming true in more ways every day. AI has already increased efficiency for many banks and credit unions, and it offers the opportunity to introduce more [...]

Customer Feedback: Why It Matters and How To Get It

As if banks and credit unions didn’t have enough competition among themselves, the expansion of fintechs into the financial sector has made the contest for customers’ business even more fierce.  You may think you’re doing a terrific job and that your customers love you, but how will you know for sure unless you ask? Know Your Customer [...]

4 Ways to Boost Customer Loyalty

Attracting new banking customers is a key part of growing a financial institution—but retaining those customers is another matter altogether. So let’s break things down a bit. Customer retention is strongly tied to loyalty, satisfaction, and a number of other key metrics. From complex, tiered loyalty programs to customer segmentation and smart data analysis, there are a [...]

Streamlining the Customer Experience With Home Loan Survey Results

So, you’ve run the mortgage surveys, collected the data, and are now wondering what to do with it all. We’ve got the answer. Or answers, as it were. Customer experience surveys contain a vast amount of information that can be used in many different ways, from evaluating the need for a new service channel to gauging customer [...]

4 Back-Office Issues That Impact Customer Service

It’s all too easy to focus customer experience efforts and growth strategies exclusively on coaching front-line staff. They are, after all, the most visible part of your team. But the back office needs adequate support, as well. If underwriting is rigid or IT is constantly backed up, you’ll see those problems magnified and expressed in your customer [...]

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