Customer Feedback Reveals They Still Want Your Brick-and-Mortar Branch

The popularity of online banks can’t be denied. In the past 5 years alone, the number of digital banking users in the United States grew 18% from 133.5 million in 2014, to 161.1 million in 2019. What’s more, in the last 12 years, two trends stand out. The number of banks and credit unions peaked in 2009 [...]

What You Need to Know About ICBA LIVE

Trade shows are excellent places to stay on top of industry developments including the latest in services, products, and the newest technology. For banks and credit unions, ICBA LIVE 2020 is the premier event where independent community bankers come together to network and share knowledge. Billed as the “largest community banker gathering in the nation,” loads of [...]

Social Media 101 for Banks and Credit Unions

Social media has proven to be a useful marketing tool for all types of businesses. Everyone from local mom ‘n pop shops to big-name national corporations can use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any of a number of other popular social sites to get noticed, increase brand loyalty, and attract customers. Making social media work for banks and [...]

Is There Anything to Fear From Fintechs?

Considering its practically meteoric rise from a simple payor platform to the global profile it has today, it’s easy to forget PayPal’s humble beginnings. Who could have known back in 2000 that the scrappy e-commerce service would become one of the most popular and recognizable fintechs in the world? Today, the economy is even more securely entrenched [...]

Maintaining a Personal Touch While Harnessing the Power of AI

For years, industry experts have been forecasting the massive impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on the financial service sector and, with a surge in technological advances seemingly overnight, that prediction is coming true in more ways every day. AI has already increased efficiency for many banks and credit unions, and it offers the opportunity to introduce more [...]