1 in 5 Banks are Twitter Quitters

Social Media is the latest frontier for banks seeking to engage their customers at a new level.  However, many banks who use Twitter are questioning if the number of followers they are generating can justify their investment.  Larger banks with lots of brand recognition and resources are able to use social media to identify and target followers who could be strong advocates of [...]

Can you explain your incentive pay to your staff?

Our most successful clients include a customer satisfaction or loyalty metric as part of their front-line employees’ incentive calculation.  In some cases, customer feedback comprises up to 50% of the employee’s potential bonus. Over the years, we’ve learned that developing an effective incentive program for front-line employees can be a pretty tough balancing act.  If thresholds are [...]

4 Pitfalls of Customer Loyalty Measurement

As technology empowers customers to do more of their routine banking at home or on the go,  interpersonal banking encounters are simlutaneously becoming less frequent and more important in the hierarchy of loyalty building experiences.  Even smaller community banks and credit unions are finding it necessary to differentiate themselves more distinctly by providing superior “memorable” experiences for their customers. [...]