Why Improving Internal Customer Service Makes Sense

Many banks focus on improving customer satisfaction and loyalty by gathering customer feedback and incenting customer-facing employees to provide superior service.  One often overlooked area, however, is the support that customer-facing employees receive from their colleagues behind the scenes.  A branch representative who is trying to help a customer with a complex loan application needs the loan [...]

Turning the Complaint Box to your Advantage

A recent article in the American Banker illustrates a new reason why banks need to encourage customers to voice their concerns. (American Banker, "Customers are Now Banks' Greatest Regulatory Threat") As much as we hate to receive complaints about the service we provide, many financial institutions have embraced customer complaints as opportunities to both improve efficiency and [...]

Recent Trends in Measuring the Voice of the Customer

The landscape for delivering banking services is changing rapidly, and with those changes come challenges to reaching customers and understanding what they want.  Changes in communications technology, regulatory environments, where and what services are delivered, cultural shifts and analytical capabilities create both challenges and excellent opportunities for engaging with your customers. Whether you already have a strong [...]

1 in 5 Banks are Twitter Quitters

Social Media is the latest frontier for banks seeking to engage their customers at a new level.  However, many banks who use Twitter are questioning if the number of followers they are generating can justify their investment.  Larger banks with lots of brand recognition and resources are able to use social media to identify and target followers who could be strong advocates of [...]