Get to Know Your Banking Customers With These 5 Strategies

All too often, we see financial institutions making changes to the customer experience that aren’t backed up by data. Of course, a new touchpoint or service might seem helpful, but these additions and changes might just end up creating confusion and frustration—and costing you money and customer loyalty. When it comes to improving the customer experience, it’s [...]

Q3 Financial Industry News Roundup

At Avannis, we’re passionate about helping financial institutions optimize their customer service programs. Part of our mission is to provide education and expertise in the rapidly changing world that is banking—and so we keep an eye on any and all current events affecting the financial sphere. Here are some of the most recent happenings in banking and [...]

5 Common Customer Experience Blunders and How Financial Institutions Can Avoid Them

When it comes to the success of a financial institution, a comprehensive customer experience program is more critical now than ever before. But a poorly executed program will get you nowhere—and may even wind up hurting a bank or credit union’s reputation. At Avannis, we’ve dedicated decades to helping financial institutions understand and act on customer feedback [...]

The Mortgage Survey Questions You Should Be Asking

Financial customer service surveys are essential to keeping track of your bank or credit union’s performance in the eyes of your customers. What do they like about your products and services? What could be improved? Are you exceeding or simply meeting their expectations? These are all important issues to look at across your service offerings, but financial [...]

How Do Best-In-Class Banks Personalize the Banking Experience?

Whether or not banking customers realize it, they’re exposed to personalized messaging in almost every aspect of their lives. This includes email newsletters that address them by name, social media accounts suggested to them because of pictures they’ve “liked,” and even the ads that play before shows they’ve chosen to watch on streaming services. It stands to [...]